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Hello, my name is Levi Slings, and I play golf. Sure, I have an office job, and I even work part time as a bartender, but neither of those things define who I am. I’m a golfer. I grew up playing the game, I have no memory of my first swing, my first shot, my first round, or the moment I fell hopelessly in love with the game of golf. What I do know, is I learned the game left-handed, and when I outgrew those clubs, I switched to right-handed, because we had extras of those laying around. I was lucky enough to grow up in the country, with a massive yard. I’d spend my days hitting wedges from tree to tree, hitting all kinds of different shots. I walked miles within the confines of our 3 acre yard, chasing a few white golf balls with a wedge. As I got older those wedges became mid-irons over the house, around the house, and occasionally into the house. I had a tee-boz and a putting green. When the crops were out, I’d hit 20 or 30 balls into the neighboring field, then grab a bucket and ride my ATV around until I found 25 of them. And back at it I would go. Sunday afternoons, while my family was watching who-knows-what on TV, I was in my basement glued to any golf I could find on the 5 channels of TV we got. I first broke 50 the summer after my 8th grade year. I vividly remember running into the pro-shop to tell our long-time pro all about it. He couldn’t have been more proud. As a freshman on the highschool golf team, I first broke 40. That same year in a high school meet, I first broke par. Then… It pretty much leveled out for a few years. But I never gave up.

As an adult, I am consumed by the game. I can break par. I can even break 70 regularly. But it’s not enough. I read golf news, watch golf, eat, breathe, and sleep golf. I dream about it. I attempt to play competitively, sometimes I do ok, sometimes I don’t…so I keep going. However… I live in the Midwest, and during most years, I get 8 months of golf. During those 8 months, I go overboard. I ignore my friends, I ignore commitments, I live to chase the little white ball into the hole. I’d like to take the reader along for the ride that is golf though my eyes. I hope you enjoy.

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You can reach Levi by email at Levi (at) thegolfchick (dot) com and on twitter @LeviGolfs.