Mesquite Amateur 2011 / Golf Chick Wrap Up Part 1

I had been eagerly anticipating the 2011 Mesquite Amateur golf tournament since the last day of the 2010 Mesquite Am. This year, as one of the sponsors of the event rather than just a player or media participant, I was actively involved in promoting the tournament and wound up with 69 people signed up to play with the Golf Chick group, plus the 13 guests of theirs who came along for the alternate daily activities and prime time parties. I could not have been more excited when the day finally rolled around for me to go and meet them all! Mesquite rocks and this is a long-ass post. And it’s only volume one. Don’t worry, I’m including bold type, italics and pictures for the children busy people.

Almost There!

My drive on Sunday from Southern California to Mesquite NV was physically uneventful but mentally strenuous as I prepared for my dual roles of hostess and competitor. I thought I was pretty well prepared for the former and concentrated primarily on getting in an aggressive mindset to conquer the field in golf. After all, I packed a championship round outfit and everything for Friday! My mind kept wandering to tasks I would need to accomplish onsite to ensure good times for my Golfchick peeps then would snap back to visualizing familiar golf holes, great golf shots, and beautiful putts. It was a roller coaster that had me fairly exhausted by the time I arrived that afternoon. I handed off the GolfChick swag and prizes to the tournament director and met back up with my personal items in my room where I proceeded to unpack my substantially overpacked bags (that happens when one drives), have a couple cocktails and plan my golf outfits for the week. Why do I bother that last part – I change my mind every morning anyway. I went down to the casino and played some blackjack where I ran into a media friend from previous trips here – Mike. We both walked away from the tables ahead that night. Things were looking positive.

When I got back to my room I got a text from none other than Tony – of Hooked On Golf Blog (HOG) and The Golf Space – someone I’ve “known” since practically the inception of this golf blog back when it was still on blogger (about 6 years ago) but had never met in person! He said he had just arrived so I spun around and went back down to the lobby where he said he was. We had a long overdue hug and headed to the lounge where we fell into a natural conversation like we’d been hanging out in person all these years. Relaxed and authentic, Tony is a great guy and someone I consider a true friend.

I think I got to sleep before midnight, and I know I woke up at 2:15, never to get back to sleep that night. My mind just would not shut down. I kept thinking of golf shots and trying to let the smooth tempo of my imaginary swing lull me to sleep like a metronome – to no avail.

Memorial Day Practice Round

The Mesquite Am occurs the week of Memorial Day. Monday isn’t an actual tournament day, but the day everyone registers and either just arrives, plays a practice round or participates in the organized skins game. I haven’t done the skins game yet but plan to next year (Hi George)! For the last three years my routine has been to dress in a red, white and blue golf outfit and hit one of the courses for a leisurely practice round and this year was no different. I planned to play with an up and coming LPGA hopeful but she flaked on me got a flat tire (kidding, KyLee!), and the twosome they paired with us also didn’t show.  I called Mike from the night before and he met me on the back nine. It was a nice round overall at the Oasis Canyons course. I’m a flaming patriot and thought of all the sacrifices of our troops and their families many times throughout the day. I also honored another kind of hero we recently lost – Seve Ballesteros – with my choice of the navy blue golf top. As you can see from the photo, I’m so patriotic I went for the lady liberty look with my hair. No, those aren’t just unplanned flyaways. Really.

Each year I go to Mesquite I mention to someone in charge how nice it would be to see US flags on the flagsticks like I see at home on other patriotic holidays. Kind of disappointed. Hear me, Mesquite?

Registration hadn’t opened before I left for my round so I headed over there directly when I was finished playing. The place was packed with golfers just coming back from their respective rounds to check in. The Golf Chick table looked awesome with all my swag giveaway goodies and prizes on display.  I met a few of my peeps and chatted with the volunteers who were running it. These people are amazing all week long. Always smiling, always helpful and always ALWAYS just happy to be there. I hear there is a waiting list to be a Mesquite Am volunteer. Incredible job they do! Here is the Golf Chick Mesquite Am 2011 swag bag and its contents:

Golf Chick Mesquite Am swag bag

And some close-ups of the smaller items…

The magnetic ball-marker “chicky charm” necklace! These were SUCH a hit! These were originally Inspired by Putterflys but took on a life of their own. When you remove the magnetic ball marker, the smashed bottlecap backing also displays the adorable (if I do say so myself) Golf Chick logo so you’re not bare while you putt! I have had a lot of people express interest in these so you may see them for sale here soon. Let me know if you’re interested in these, the hats or anything other Golf Chick logo merchandise in the comments section!

Many thanks to Bella Luna Foods for providing the gorgeous bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to all the Golf Chick participants. A very generous donation that was well received and appreciated! You can also like them on facebook here.

And here is the bag tag – front and back. This is a blank, but Golf Chick registrants had their names pre-printed instead of the blank line there.

Next year I think I have to find a way to play a practice round and still be at the registration table the whole time to meet everyone when they first check in. I felt like I missed out on getting to know so many awesome people!

After registration, I headed over to catch the end of Demo Day at Casablanca Golf Club. I ran into some friends from previous years there and met some fun new peeps. I competed in and lost the long drive at the Callaway booth to Mesquite local, Janna, the obvious front runner from the start. She beat me by 30 yards (keep that in mind for the next Mesquite post if you can). I snapped this shot of some fun boys in Loudmouth Golf shorts only to find out later that they were Golf Chick players – they totally busted me for tweeting that pic when they saw me later at the casino. Fun guys!

After a quick shower, change and compulsory (and compulsive) facebook session, I headed over to the big tent in the parking lot for the welcome dinner… the first prime time party of the week where all the golfers get together for the first time for a themed dinner. The Golf Chick Group had reserved seating, taking up half of the front row tables. I met some great folks that night from my awesome group of peeps (what else do you call golf chick people? Hah!) I also had the pleasure of finally meeting Patricia Hannigan of Golf Girl’s Diary – a blog about the fun, fashionable side of golf. She was super sweet and I was impressed to see her there to compete in this event since her reputation has been more as an advocate for social golf, pro tour appreciation, and social media than for keeping score, let alone competitive playing. Sadly, we didn’t get to talk long before I was swept away. I saw her again later … but you’ll have to stay tuned for the next post for that!

After some more socializing and meeting peeps, I headed to my room for a relatively early night considering my lack of sleep the night before. I organized myself for the next night’s Golf Chick duties and went to sleep visualizing my best round ever. Same course I played today. Could almost see every ideal shot. Let the games begin. After I sleep…

To be continued…

Next post (Part 2)

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  1. Grover Garvin Says:

    I have requested a partial refund from the tournament committee earlier (by phone message to director) since I did not participate in this year’s event due to last minute illness. Can send doctor’s verification of pneumonia diagnosis if necessary or required. Please inform what % of entry fee I can expect to receive. Thank you for your prompt response. 510 813 0540

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