Indio, Shmindio. Try putting on the beach.

As the Kraft Nabisco (Dinah Shore) got underway today, the women of the LPGA were making and missing putts on slick, true greens in their first major of the year. The announcers just would not stop talking about the “Indio effect,” which just means the greens tend to break toward the town of Indio even if they don’t look like they will.

Meanwhile, I went out for a local round and encountered the seediest sandiest greens I’ve ever seen. Seriously, it was like putting on a beach. The bunkers there seem to be mostly hard dirt, so maybe they should reconsider how they want to use all that sand. Waaaah. I’m such a whiner. Somehow I managed to squeak in at 90 but still, I think I want my money back. This photo has not been doctored in any way.

Los Robles beach

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6 Responses to “Indio, Shmindio. Try putting on the beach.”

  1. Harry L. Says:

    Whoa! Geez, I hope you got a HUGE discount on green fees . . . err, sand fees.

  2. Bob Brancato Says:

    Less sand in Iraq.

  3. Kathleen Smith Says:

    Thanks for writing about the “Indio”. I’ve been watching the Kraft Nabisco for years and this is the first year the commentators have gone on and on about the Indio effect and I had been wondering what it is…thanks for the info.

  4. shah Says:

    Thanks for the info about Indio, Shmindio..I like this topic.

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  5. Golf Fix Says:

    This is great info!

  6. golf junky Says:

    I would have to agree

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