My name is Kristen Williams. I am a freelance writer with a serious golf obsession. I founded this site in June 2005, and it is basically a journal of my golf thoughts. One of the first (and the longest running as far as I know) female-written golf blogs, topics include my own performance and progress as a golfer, interviews, product reviews, stories and reviews of golf courses and destinations, commentary on professional golfers, charity events, and occasional rants. Usually fun, often irreverent, occasionally controversial (not by design), always topical. If you play golf, there is likely something you can relate to in these posts. Please feel free to join in the conversations here in the comments or on facebook. Who knows, maybe we can even learn from each other. I am also available for discussions on twitter, where we have a lively golf community.

I had a long standing goal of breaking 80 in my progress posts. I finally achieved that goal (78) in July 2015, and backed it up (77!) a week later. I have yet to shoot in the 70s again since, but I’m not playing as regularly as I want or need to.

If/when I publish guest bloggers, you can count on the topics being golf related and the content being original and unsponsored. I do not sell guest post spots. I do sell advertising in the sidebars (clearly marked as sponsors or golf sites) but never sell links within posts. I do receive products, services & experiences in exchange for editorial consideration. Some never get written up but when I do cover them, my opinions will always be authentic.

Please contact me if you have an idea, product, golf course or destination you’d like to see profiled here or in your own publication. email: kristen (at) thegolfchick (dot) com.


My golf history

I played my first round of golf on August 20, 2004 and I have been hopelessly addicted ever since. I had been wanting to try it for years and when I started dating a golfer I had my opportunity. He got me going with some basic instruction – hold the club like this, hit it in that direction – but really helped me learn the etiquette more than anything else. We joined a club together and I immediately began establishing a handicap and competing in net events. I still play in that club and served a few years on the board. I tried getting some lessons but that didn’t work out (long story you can find in my archives) and other than a couple mini-clinics I pretty much learned by reading books and magazines and just getting out there and playing. I have had some decent success – club champion in my first year, champion of club champions that same year, two holes-in-one a week apart – that keeps me encouraged. I am a pretty competitive person but my demeanor on the course is more fun than intense no matter if I’m playing a casual round or a competitive one. But I definitely play better under pressure.

For more about me, below is an old Q&A (2007) with me by Bill Wolfrum that was originally published on Shakesville. It’s from before I even migrated here from blogger. The content never made it to their new site after they got hacked but I found this old cached image of it to post here.

May they all roll true,