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New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

Happy New Year! This article about New Year’s golf resolutions was originally published in View on Mesquite Magazine Jan/Feb 2016 issue. If you’re here to follow Doug’s progress, please keep checking back. Unfortunately, he had a medical setback that has delayed his resolutions so they could not begin January 1. But he’s determined to make a big comeback and get going on these ASAP!

Please join in and share your own resolutions or your thoughts/progress with those listed here.

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New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

by Doug Lesko


It’s 2016 – Is this your year? Is this the year you stop smoking? Stop drinking? Lose 30 pounds? If you put your mind to it I have no doubt you could. Doesn’t sound like much fun to me though. I’m choosing to focus on golf in 2016; I want to take five shots off my game. By June I want to be a +2 handicap. It doesn’t matter what your goal is – breaking 100 or breaking 70 – a desire to get better is all you need. I’ll give you eight easy things everyone can do to make golf more fun.


  1. Stay hydrated.

This one is so easy and so important to playing good golf, especially in the desert. Staying hydrated is a daily requirement; your body needs water, and a lot of it. Drink a glass first thing in the morning, have a glass with every meal, and have 2 glasses between each meal. You’ll feel fuller and eat less.


  1. Eat healthy (most of the time).

I like food, most of it not very healthy. I like pizza, wings, mashed potatoes, cake, and bacon. To say I’ll stop eating the foods I love is unrealistic and sets me up for failure. I’ve found I also like salmon, tuna, chicken, sweet potatoes, salad, and many types of fruits and vegetables. If we can just eat healthy five or six days a week, a cheat day or two is acceptable.


  1. Stretch.

As we get older, our muscles start to shrink. We need to stretch every day, even if it’s just bending to touch our toes. Stretch your back, your arms, your shoulders, your legs, and your neck.


  1. Swing a club 100 times everyday.

Start with slow easy swings, make a full swing and proper weight shift. Lay another club on the ground and pay close attention to your alignment. You can use any club but switch it up from day to day. On the seventh day swing two clubs at once.

  1. Practice your putting.

You can do this anywhere – at the course or in your living room. Work on five to ten foot putts. Proper techniques are the first priority: straight back and straight through using your shoulders and keeping your hands still.


  1. Commit to at least one day a week at the range.

Go through odd number clubs one week, even the next. Always use alignment sticks or a club to make sure you are aligned square to the target. Hit the driver on each trip. Range balls do not fly as far as your normal ball, so don’t worry about distance. Focus on hitting the sweet spot on every shot. Technology has made the sweet spot bigger but it’s still very important to hit the center of the club for consistency. Finish with full swing wedges; again, make good contact and control the ball flight.


  1. Find a club you can chip with consistently.

Just because Jordan Spieth uses a 60° wedge doesn’t mean you have to. I prefer my 50°, while you might find an 8-iron to be your best fit. Whatever works for you, spend at least 20 minutes practicing chipping to inside a three foot circle.


  1. Get fit.

Playing with clubs that are too short, too long, too upright, too flat, or don’t have the proper shafts can cost you several strokes. Bring your clubs to Ready Golf and Gear and have them fit you for your swing. You might be playing the right clubs; you may just need your clubs bent to fit you. You may decide to get new clubs, but playing the right clubs fit for you is the only way to play your best golf.


I will be implementing these resolutions personally and blogging about it at Feel free to follow along and share your process and progress with me.


Make 2016 your best golf year ever – go play!


  1. These are really very important resolutions for new golfers! It says we care! We care for not only the game but the gamer. The fitness no doubt is important and the details like short game, chipping swing which the new golfer often not willing to concentrate has been discussed.
    A simple and essential article for the new golfers!

  2. Staying hydrated is probably the most important. This past summer my father-in-law was at an LPGA tournament in Florida working the refreshment stand. He was 84 at the time (just turned 85!) and had to take a golf cart back to the clubhouse, stock up on refreshments, and deliver them back to the refreshment stand (I think it was actually a tent!) Anyway, it was a very hot day, he was riding in a golf cart – not walking mind you – but doesn’t like to drink a lot of liquids for fear of having to use the men’s room too often.

    After about 2 hours he fainted from dehydration. Luckily there were plenty of people, including medical professionals on hand because it was a big tournament, but this could have ended much worse if he had been golfing alone or had to wait a long time to receive medical attention.

    So, yeah, stretching is important too, maintaining good physical fitness is important, but being dehydrated can actually kill you!

  3. New Year’s goals are great but what I have always lacked is consistent discipline. Last year I was able to spend a couple hours a week on my short game and it indeed helped. However, this year I have a much bigger challenge for myself and it is to lose 20 pounds and get in shape. That challenge is where the consistency and discipline become problematic. I have had similar goals in the past that haven’t panned out. I know that the only way I am going to become a single digit golfer is through being in better condition and being more flexible. So, I guess it is time to take this fitness thing a little more seriously.

  4. My new year’s resolution every year is to spend more time on the putting green. Given that I basically promise to do this every year, you can guess how well I stick to it!
    I am usually good for about five minutes and then I just get that urge to see if this is the year that I can finally hit a driver over the back fence of the range (it isn’t and yes, my back is still sore from the effort!)

  5. Doug,

    Great resolutions. What I really like is most of these aren’t focused on the results. They focus on tasks to do that will help reach the goal. 100 swings is something everyone can do to lower scores.

    Keep us updated on the progress.

  6. Doug,
    Its nice to see your dedication for the game. In my view everyone should enjoy the game they are playing. Fun element should be there. Find my golf helps you to connects with your compatible buddy to play round of golf so you can enjoy the game more.

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