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Train Your Aim – Putting Gadget Review

Review of the Train Your Aim putting aid by @protipsgolf 

train your aim 

I’ve never been a big gadget guy – I use tour stix and chalk lines. Train your Aim works on the same principle as chalk lines but is much easier to set up. I recommend drawing a line on the ball even if you don’t normally.

I started as the easy to follow directions instructed – by hitting putts of 18 inches then moved to 3 feet then to 5. I stopped when I got to 8 feet. Obviously you can’t use this during play; the idea is to train or eyes to know what a perfect setup looks like.

Practice with this, start and end your pregame warmup with Train your Aim and you’ll be surprised at how many putts you make. Commit to an hour a week even if it’s at home on a rug. You will become a better putter. The plastic seems durable but I would like to see a pro version maybe made of aluminum and more adjustable so you can customize it for your putter.

Bottom line: for a price less than a sleeve of ProV1’s you can easily take 3 or 4 shots off your score. The Train your Aim will still be in your bag long after those 3 ProV1’s have moved on to their new home in the desert.
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  1. Many thanks for this great review….much appreciate it and thank you Doug and Kristen for your time. David

  2. Does the arm that is down the line slide in/out? I use a SeeMore mallet, which is almost center shafted. Thanks!

  3. protipsgolf

    August 30, 2015 at 12:54 pm

    Dave, it does move and it works great on center shafted putters.

  4. Looks interesting and seems to be a very basic product that is made of plastic

    Thanks for the heads up on this product

  5. Thanks for reviewing this product. Thinking about using it to train my aim too. Perfect tool for beginners.

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