Easter Golf Chick-a-Dees

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter.

Here’s a special gift I received from a thoughtful someone, or vice versa. Makes me smile.

golf chickadees

Next post.

Published by golfchick on April 15th, 2009 tagged Golf chicks, Rants And Random Ramblings

5 Responses to “Easter Golf Chick-a-Dees”

  1. Harry Longshanks Says:

    Oh man! Those look yummy!
    (It’s ’cause of the DOUBLE crisp, I’m sure.)

  2. Pamela Bell Says:

    Better chocolate chicks than marshmallow Peeps!

  3. Frankie C Says:

    Am I missing something? Why are these “golf” chick-a-dees?

    Frankie C


  4. Indiana Golf Says:

    Wow !!! Its mouth watering….Hmmmm Yummy…

  5. Golf Management Says:

    Ha ha thats great. They look good too.

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