Golf For Women recruits bloggers

Golf For Women launched a new project today to introduce their new “network” of bloggers. Among them is yours truly.

GFW promo front page

GFW is a golf magazine with a savvy web editor who saw the benefit of recruiting three female golf bloggers to contribute to their site. Starting today, I have a new blog over there called “Swing Thoughts.”

My first post is about the season opener on the LPGA Tour at the SBS Open at Turtle Bay. I love that golf course! Greg and I played there a couple times and it is one of those golf courses that is beautiful enough to distract you from your game, which adds to its already challenging layout. I wrote more about the Palmer Course at Turtle Bay in an article for Fairways + Greens Magazine that will hit the stands on March 1.

k + g at Turtle Bay

You know, when I first started this blog I thought the name Golf Chick lacked creativity and intended it to be a place holder until I came up with something better. But it stuck and now I can’t imagine it being anything else. Then came Golf Girl and Golf Gal and now we’re all blogging on Golf For Women. Maybe there’s something to this naming convention. Where’s Golf Lady, Golf Woman, Golf Betty, Golf Shiela, Golf Chippie (hey, I like that one), and Golf Goddess? Surely (Golf Shirley?) they’re coming.

I’m not sure how often Gayle (Golf Gal) and Patricia (Golf Girl) will be posting there, but they’re both busy bloggers so I’m sure you can count of lots of good content!

I’ll be posting over there weekly – at least that’s my intention – so check it out. I’ll put up a quick post here whenever I publish over there in case you forget. :)

Happy 2008 LPGA Season!

(BTW, I still haven’t fixed the software snag so the images might not come through right now.)

Next post.

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6 Responses to “Golf For Women recruits bloggers”

  1. Mr Business Golf Says:

    Congrats on the blogging opportunity for Golf For Women site. I look forward to reading what you have to say.

  2. mediaguru @ Says:

    You golf blog chicks have an unfair advantage…

  3. golfchick Says:

    Thanks, MBG!

    Media: Oh yeah, women in golf ALWAYS get the member’s bounce. Do you not read my blog?

  4. mediaguru @ Says:

    yup, I sure do.

  5. Mr Business Golf Says:

    The Women I play golf with say it is because they pay their membership dues on time as why they get the member’s bounce. And I have read almost every word of your blog…that is why I am here. Great stuff.

  6. Jen Mario Says:

    Hey GC!
    Congrats on the Golf for Women gig. That’s really great–keep us women well-represented, will you?
    Looking forward to seeing you on your new pages!

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