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Paula Creamer wins on an easy course and I just have to elbow Michelle Wie

The ladies played a pretty golf course this weekend and Paula Creamer was once again victorious in Hawaii. But shouldn’t a golf course be more than just a pretty face? In my latest post on Swing Thoughts over at GFW, I discuss Ko’Olina Golf Course and why it shouldn’t be on the LPGA rotation. I’m no […]

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Ladies: don’t let sexism (or anything else) keep you off the course!

Let’s face it: there are barriers that prevent women from taking up golf as well as staying in once they’ve taken the plunge. Not the least of which is the attitude that still exists among some men. With the recent Kelly Tilghman/GolfWeek situation, the golf world at least seems to me making strides towards quelling […]

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That’s it – I’m turning pro.

Okay, I guess I should say turning to a pro. A teaching pro, that is. After my lesson fiasco when I first started, I decided I wanted to continue to “do it myself” and learn by watching, reading, and practicing. Well, the practicing is nearly non-existent now and I don’t even have much time to play as practice. […]

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Phil Mickelson wins with help from a woman

We didn’t plan our outfits (Phil’s never on the phone) but we both turned up to Sunday’s round wearing all black. And that has nothing to do with anything. I confess – I like Phil Mickelson. Come on, it’s not like I’m alone here! Lefty’s got special something about him (not to mention a knockout […]

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Golf For Women recruits bloggers

Golf For Women launched a new project today to introduce their new “network” of bloggers. Among them is yours truly. GFW is a golf magazine with a savvy web editor who saw the benefit of recruiting three female golf bloggers to contribute to their site. Starting today, I have a new blog over there called […]

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Just a little interruption

I’m trying to upgrade the software for this blog but I’m experiencing technical difficulties. If you can even see this, please pardon the interruption while I try to sort it all out. Thanks for reading and for your patience! -Kristen Next post.

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Tiger’s Dominance Is All About His Mental Game

Yes, it’s another post about Tiger Woods. I’m just so in awe. I have always enjoyed rooting for underdogs when I don’t have a favorite player or team to support in any given contest. However, I also appreciate excellence. I love seeing Tiger dominate so thoroughly just as I want to see The Patriots win […]

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