Cure your slice by squeezing breasts

Sound too good to be true? Okay, so it’s only your own breasts.

This tip was submitted in the form of a comment from the glorious Golfgal on my last post. I thought it deserved full-post attention:

Although everyone has their favorite cure, this really did work for me and came from Ben Hogan.

He said, “Ladies, squeeze your breasts together to remove a slice.”

When my slice comes back, that’s what I remember and it always seems to do the trick.

disappointed or contemplative chimpI’m pretty sure he meant while you’re holding the golf club and to do it with the sides of your arms. Not quite as titillating but probably more effective that way. I haven’t tried it yet but you know I will. I also don’t know if he was actually speaking to just the females or maybe there were some man-boobs in the crowd. Perhaps it’s just the motion of putting your upper arms closer together and keeping them there that works, so it really might work for anyone.

What do you think? Anyone tried it?

Next post.

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4 Responses to “Cure your slice by squeezing breasts”

  1. Mr Business Golf Says:

    OK, now we know what Phil Mickelson is doing or not doing.

  2. Steve Wozeniak PGA Says:

    Yes this does work for EVERYONE!! Ben Hogan learned this in 1945 when he came up to Sam Byrd after the PGA and asked him for his help, Sam and Ben became good friends and ended up being his teacher for the next 20 years. Byrd taught Hogan that the Pec and Lat muscles ARE YOUR SHOULDERS and had him hit balls for hours with a handkerchief under his left armpit, I worked a lot with Emily Klein the year she won over 800 thousand dollars on the LPGA Tour and she always felt like she gently hugged her pecs at address and never let them go the entire swing. Some other players I have helped are Rocco Mediate, Jim Colbert, Marco Dawson, Leonard Thompson and Jim Mclean to name a few

  3. golfchick Says:

    That’s great – thanks, Steve! Any time you’re out this way I’d love a lesson. 😀

  4. Golfgal Says:

    Great to see Steve’s comment that it works for men too!

    One thing you must remember ladies, is to squeeze when your arms are over your breasts, not with your arms on either side.

    So lift your arms up over your chest, drop your hands down to relax and then squeeze.

    ps: A special thanks to Golfchick for calling me glorious :)

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