Random holiday golf gift idea

In honor of the biggest shopping day of the year, I hereby present this random golf gift idea:

golf monopoly game pieces

That’s right – its the golf version of Monopoly. Are you one of those poor suckers living where the weather prevents you from actually playing golf? Perhaps this will help on those cold winter days.

If you’re like me and won’t go near a shopping mall today, you can buy this baby online for the golfer in your life.

I call the shoe!

golf monopoly box

Next post.

Published by golfchick on November 23rd, 2007 tagged Golf Goods

6 Responses to “Random holiday golf gift idea”

  1. Pink Diva Golf Says:

    I thought this sounded pretty cool also, but then I read the fine print. The game
    includes 6 custom pewter tokens: Male golfer, male caddy, golf cart, golf shoe, bucket of golf balls and a golf bag.

    No female golf tokens? Grrrrr.

    Pink Diva Golf

  2. Pink Golf Tees Says:

    That is a really cool idea that I hadn’t heard of before. Of course they have a Monopoly for everything else, so why not golf… Too bad it is so gender specific!
    Pink Golf Tees

  3. golfchick Says:

    Yeah, they should have included a female golfer for sure! I don’t care if they keep just a male caddie, though. :) The rest of it is pretty gender neutral.

  4. mediaguru at hookedongolfblog.com Says:

    Yes I’m one of those poor suckers. It’s snowing here. 6″ on the ground in the morning.

  5. Mary Kate Says:

    That’s an awesome idea. I wouldn’t mind having a male caddie, so I guess I pewter one is not so bad.

  6. Drip Tray : Says:

    i like spiked golf shoes because it helps on the stability of the golfer,*’

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