Charity, horses, celebrities, a puppy and some golf

Well, the rain went away in time for my Sunday morning golf outing but plans have a way of changing. Happenings on Saturday night led me to change them. No, I’m not talking about a hangover; I have played some of my best golf with a hangover.

If you read this site much, you may have noticed I blog a lot about various charities. I wish I was in a position that would allow me to do more but I try to do what I can. Saturday night, we went to a charity event. This time, the proceeds benefited UNICEF. The event was a fancy shindig at Ventura Farms, which is owned by David Murdock, the same billionaire who until recently also owned the nearby Sherwood Country Club (the home of Tiger Woods’ tournament, Target World Challenge).Liselott Linsenhoff

The event was put on by Linsenhoff-Unicef Stiftung, which is a foundation created under the UNICEF umbrella by Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff. There were maybe 15-20 tables of attendees, many of them horse enthusiasts, given the location and the hostess. Ann Kathrin is an accomplished and award winning dressage rider, and her three top dressage horses are the first “four-legged UNICEF ambassadors.” (She is pictured with them below.) All the prize money they win in competition goes directly into UNICEF projects. Ann Kathrin inherited her equestrian talent and passion from her famous mother, (Liselott Linsenhoff, pictured on the right) who was the first female to win a gold medal in an Olympic equestrian event.

Speaking of famous people

Here in LA LA land, of course there were some celebrities at the event. The only one I could put a name to was Jamie Foxx, but there were several others I knew but didn’t know. You know? UNICEF has a lot of famous supporters and this event was no exception. I’m convinced I would have known more names, but some were so strikingly handsome that my brain turned to Jell-o shutting down my recall mechanism.

Golf outings and puppies

I wish I had the money to bid on the golf trip in the auction. It was a stay and play package at Tehama in Carmel. I’m slobbering now just thinking about it. I can’t quite remember how much it went for but I think it was somewhere in the $5000 neighborhood. In any case, it didn’t get as much as the Labradoodle they auctioned off. What an adorable puppy! They let me hold her when they came by our table and she just couldn’t have been sweeter. Apparently puppies are all the rage at auctions these days which is kind of disturbing to me, but at least she’ll have a nice home and probably a nice nanny all her own. And she earned $10,000 for the foundation, 100% of which goes directly to the children.

Speaking of the children

Ann Kathrin gave a passionate presentation about her travels around the world to visit the children in need. Thankfully, she speaks English quite well as most of the guests did not speak German. IAnn Kathrin Linsenhoff was profoundly moved by her speech and the progress she was making with her foundation. I wanted to speak with her about how I might help – perhaps by spreading the word or organizing a golf tournament, for example. It turned out that she was flying back to Germany the next day and the only time she could possibly meet with me was while I was supposed to be somewhere on the back nine. My playing partners kept our tee time but I stayed behind in hopes that she would have the time before her flight to meet with me at her hotel. Unfortunately she didn’t but I look forward to being in touch with her to explore the possibilities.

Time to play golf

Naturally, I had my golf clubs and shoes in the car so I headed over to the municipal course closest to her hotel and walked on at 1:30, played the front nine with a father/daughter combo and the back nine with a nice married couple who had moved here from Germany about 5 years ago. I don’t know what the German connection is – maybe I’m supposed to adopt a German Shepherd. I was finished with my round by 5:00 PM, and that 3 hr 30 min round is probably the fastest I’ve ever played that golf course. Maybe the rain the day before scared everyone away, but it was such a beautiful day to play golf. I’m glad I made it out after all, though halfway through the round I almost wished I’d have rented a golf cart because my dogs were aching after a night of dancing in 4 inch heels – for the children.

Next post.

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