Fantasy Golf

The PGA’s golf season begins on January 4, 2007.Yahoo’s Fantasy Golf begins that week as well.

Join the Hooked on Golf/Golfspace fantasy golf group on Yahoo to get started in that first tournament and start racking up points for prizes galore. A lot of cool prizes were given out last season and Tony’s lining up some more great sponsors for this year’s fun. Oh, and I should mention – it’s absolutely, 100% FREE!

I totally suck at fantasy sports games but somehow I managed to win a weekly prize last year. If I can do it, anyone can! (Hey, Tony – I never did get that Swing Juice you were going to deliver in person.)

Check out these links for more info and instructions for joining the group: you in my fantasy!

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  1. mediaguru @ Says:

    UH, oh man. Yeah that was the weekend I bailed on going to SoCal because it was raining like hell. I’ll get you caught up…

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