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Being “eyed” at the range

The pressure was on at the range yesterday. Not in the form of a teacher or any other pro or anything. No, the eyes that were on me were those of a six year old girl. I finally felt comfortable leaving the Goose alone for a little while and really needed to get out and […]

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A little miffed at TravelGolf

Around six months ago I asked for, and was told I would receive, pictures of the space shuttle that Tim McDonald took of the Discovery launch from the Duran Golf Club. I’m a geek for space stuff and combining it with golf just made me a little … tingly. I received an e-mail from Travel […]

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Am I Taylor Made for golf?

I’ve mentioned before how all my clubs are TaylorMade. I recently put up an entry about my super-comfy new Adidas shoes, which I now know are TaylorMade merchandise, or at least associated through some kind of partnership. I also posted lately about my awards, and the only prize that day I received but didn’t earn […]

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Too much information? Know your learning style.

I’ve been cooped up at home for several days now and, consequently, have watched a lot more television than usual. Mostly I’ve been watching movies, but today I had the golf channel on for awhile. I’ve never really watched much golf on television, particularly non-competition events. After what I saw today, I’m glad I haven’t. […]

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