Fodder for pranks

There seem to be some fun pranks being played in the golf blog realm between HOGB, Eat Golf and Bogey Lounge. Mediaguru at HOGB lamented that he didn’t have a picture to work with of Rich at Eat Golf. I feel I must contribute to the pranking of my friend Rich by posting this picture of us here. I have been reluctant to post photos of myself as well, but I guess it’s only fair that I don’t crop myself out if I’m going to do this so that I may also be fair game (even though I haven’t done anything to anyone but am totally capable so be nice). I cropped out our friend John since I don’t have his permission to post his photo. I’m crouching down in the photo to make my friends look and feel taller, and yes, we’re at a pub.

Have at it, Media!

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Published by golfchick on January 21st, 2006 tagged Blogs And Blogger Stuff

8 Responses to “Fodder for pranks”

  1. Kiwi Says:

    Tony your busted!!!!!!!!!!

    Brilliant Kirsten :-)

  2. BogeyMan Says:

    Well done Golfchick…

  3. Rich Hodge Says:

    You dirty rat Kristen! If you weren’t so cute I’d photoshop you into something – wait, what am I thinking – Of course I’m going to photoshop you into something. I’m going to unleash the darkside on that picture of you – Phear the wrath of Eat!!!


  4. Golfchick Says:

    Yeah, Rich. You just stay home on Saturday night and work on that. :)

  5. Golfchick Says:

    You know I’m just sassy ’cause I haven’t seen you in months. Let’s play some golf!

  6. mediaguru @ Says:

    OH BABY! It’s 9:23pm and I was thinking of going to bed early. Now I guess I won’t be…

    Kristen: vavavoom cutie! You’ll be sorry you posted your pic though 😉

    Rich: NOT vavavoom. BWAHAHAHAH.

  7. mediaguru @ Says:

    OH man! Clicking on the pic gives me a higher resolution version! That will make “working” with it even easier!


  8. Golfchick Says:

    Hey media, thanks for the compliment. Personally, I like the look you’ve given me on your site. :)

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